We Buy Coins

 independence-coin-charltoteWe Buy

  • Quality domestic and foreign “collector” coins.
  • Precious metal bullion, such as gold, silver, and platinum bars and rounds between one gram and 100 ounces.
  • Quality domestic paper money.
  • Quality foreign paper money, although we do not provide foreign money exchange services.
  • Miscellaneous items such as medals, subway tokens, civil war tokens, etc., that we determine to be of interest to coin collectors.

We Do Not Buy

  • Items typically purchased by a jewelry store, such as scrap metal, flatware, jewelry, silverware, watches and diamonds.
  • Postage stamps, whether used or unused.  We do allow a stamp dealer to visit our shop for one hour per week.
  • Sports cards, postcards, maps, or fossils
  • Lincoln pennies dated after 1958, unless in “proof” condition.
  • Jefferson nickels dated after 1945, unless in “proof” condition.
  • Dimes and quarters dated after 1964, unless in “proof” condition.
  • Half dollars dated after 1970, unless in “proof” condition.
  • One dollar pieces dated after 1935, unless in “proof” condition.
  • US Paper Money dated after 1935, with the exception of CU silver certificates and “Barr” notes.
  • Counterfeit, damaged, altered, or bent coins.
  • Items we suspect to be stolen.
  • Coin supplies.
  • Items we already have in excess quantities.

independence-coin-charlotteLet Us Make You An Offer

Independence Coin has a reputation for offering top dollar for your numismatic items.  Our experienced numismatists are ready to examine your collection and give you a competitive offer.  We do not make offers without examining each item.  Offers are good for that day only, and are made in our store.

Payment Terms

Once you accept our purchase offer, we immediately pay you. We pay cash for purchases less than $100.  Other purchases will be paid by check or through PayPal.  We require your valid driver’s license (or other government issued photo identification) prior to payment, and a copy will be maintained for our records.