Independence Blog

April 23rd. 2022

What a Collection!!!!!   Of course we buy coins!!  Where do you think our inventory comes from??  It’s ALOT of proof sets, mint sets, constitutional 90% silver dimes, quarters, and halves.  Then there is gold and silver bullion as well.   But a true collection……… not so often.

Well, surprise, surprise!!   We get the call, we have a collection…………..and  he liked quarters!

So I make a rare house call and sure enough!!!!!   State quarters , check!   A complete set of Washington quarters, check.  And as a bonus, they were BU!!  A standing liberty Quarter Dansco, ok.  Well inside was a COMPLETE set of SLQ’s.  1916, yes!  18/7 s , yes!  1919 d and s , yes!!  1921 , yes!!  and 1923s, yes!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!

And then,  …..prior to the Standing liberty Quarters were the Barber Quarters.  Yes! A COMPLETE set of Barber Quarters including the BIG 3 (1896s, 1901s, 1913s) !!

So , if you are looking for some Quarters , COME SEE US!!   and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.

JW thanks for the hard work and putting together a FANTASTIC collection and putting your trust in us to handle it!!!!!

April 2nd, 2022

What a day!!  I love a good, busy day when you have lunch and say , “Holy crap!”, its 2 o’clock already!!   Busy selling , so , we need to BUY MORE COINS!!    What do we buy??   We need it all!!  Gold , silver , heck , even wheat cents and everything in between.  We can always use silver dollars, currency, especially large size notes, and yes, we will even buy your old proof and US mint sets in quantity.   So, if you have old coins for sale, come on in!!  No amount is too large, or too small.  We always have time to buy coins.  After all, this year we are celebrating 50 Years in business!!!     Enjoy the great weekend, and come see us.  We are open Tuesdays through Saturdays.


March 30th , 2022

Wow!! Gold and silver is flying out the door!!  Despite the super strong, historically high premiums on American Silver Eagles, metal is moving.  On the wholesale side of things, lack of supply is causing delivery delays.  1 once silver rounds have a 3 week delay!  How crazy is that???  Canadian Silver Maples, a 6 week delay!!     We are well stocked, (for now!).  Stop in and pick up some metal today!!

March 26th , 2022

Welcome to the day I wasn’t sure would happen!!  Techies be damned, here I am with my first blog!!  I read a ton of numismatic blogs myself, but have never written one before.  So, on to coins and currency.   Here in Charlotte and across the country, the market is STRONG!  Certified key dates and choice, eye appealing type coins (and currency!)  are in strong demand.  I have been working on building our inventory of great PCGS and PCGS/CAC coins as well as building our offerings of Charlotte Gold.  I’m feeling successful overall with over 100 PCGS certified in stock, 15 PCGS/CAC coins, and 7 Charlotte Gold coins on top of that.  On the currency front, we just added a 1901 Legal Tender $10 Bison in PMG choice Very Fine 35  EPQ.    Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to add pictures, until then stop in and see our new coins and currency!


Thanks for reading!!