I took stamp and coin collections to Independence Coin. They helped my wife carry the boxes into the store. They were fair and honest with their appraisal of the stamps and the coins. We were treated nicely and fairly. I would recommend the people here to anyone in the market for stamps and coins.
Grant M.
As a young numismatist, I found Independence Coin extremely helpful! They have stuff anywhere from fifty cents to five thousand dollars. The staff are very helpful and will take you through everything you need to know about your coins or a coin you want to buy. I try to go there as often as possible to get some stuff to fill holes in my collection, and I feel that most of their stuff is excellently priced. They even have a half off bin!
Brody L.
Brian and Bob worked with me as we went through the collection left by my parents. They were compassionate and low-pressure but also very efficient and flexible. I really appreciated their expertise and highly recommend taking your coins to them!
Sondra B.
After doing our homework to find the best place to take a coin collection while dealing with a family member’s estate, we chose Independence Coin, and we could not have had a better experience. They were very thorough and explained what they were looking for, what had value, and what was just face value. They made sure that at every step of the process, we were comfortable, both with the price offered and with our understanding of the significance of each piece. They took the time to examine every coin in the collection, giving us a really great experience, as well as a little lesson on coin collecting. The service was above and beyond anything we expected, and we walked away very happy. They give A+ service.
Mike C.
I was looking for some bullion, and best believe I found it! The people are very personable and knowledgeable regarding silver and gold. Brian assisted me and was very helpful in helping me make the best decision. This is definitely the best coin shop in Charlotte!
Daniel H.
If you like coins and currency (money), you'll love Independence Coin. They have the best, largest, and most affordable inventory and supplies of any coin shop I know of in the area. As a coin dealer and collector, I go here first.
Douglass H.