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What a Collection!!!!!   Of course we buy coins!!  Where do you think our inventory comes from??  It’s ALOT of proof sets, mint sets, constitutional 90% silver dimes, quarters, and halves.  Then there is gold and silver bullion as well.   But a true collection……… not so often.

Well, surprise, surprise!!   We get the call, we have a collection…………..and  he liked quarters!



So I make a rare house call and sure enough!!!!!   State quarters , check!   A complete set of Washington quarters, check.  And as a bonus, they were BU!!  A standing liberty Quarter Dansco, ok.  Well inside was a COMPLETE set of SLQ’s.  1916, yes!  18/7 s , yes!  1919 d and s , yes!!  1921 , yes!!  and 1923s, yes!!  HOLY CRAP!!!!

And then,  …..prior to the Standing liberty Quarters were the Barber Quarters.  Yes! A COMPLETE set of Barber Quarters including the BIG 3 (1896s, 1901s, 1913s) !!

So , if you are looking for some Quarters , COME SEE US!!   and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.

JW thanks for the hard work and putting together a FANTASTIC collection and putting your trust in us to handle it!!!!!